BRI ED Teaching started as a Whatsapp teaching group, to give all the Band 5s and 6s an opportunity to learn at a time that suits you! As a staff group you don’t get any dedicated, protected teaching time, and due to how bust the department is, squeezing in bite-size teaching can also be a struggle.

This platform enables learning to happen in a place everyone can feel comfortable, with no constraints on time. The only requirement for this to work is that people engage in discussion and share their knowledge with each other.

If no one asks for anything specific, topics will be chosen at random, including x-rays, ECGs, medical conditions, blood gases, minor injuries etc. If there is ANYTHING that ANY of you want to learn, just ask a question. We will answer it and provide you with  resources to develop that further.

Everything we cover in the Whatsapp group, I will aim to get typed up and added to this blog, so if you’re working, asleep after nights, or enjoying your days off, you won’t miss out on what has been covered. The more you all put into the discussions, the more everyone will get out of it!

If you want anything explained outside of the group, please don’t hesitate to come and ask any of us at work!

Contributors to WhatsApp teaching:

Leo Nakhimoff – Emergency Practitioner / Education Lead

Chris Arrowsmith – ST4 Emergency Medicine

Valentino Oriolo – ACP Cardiology

Rebecca Hoskins – Consultant Nurse / Senior Lecturer in Emergency Care

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