Brugada Syndrome

Brugada Syndrome is an ECG abnormality with a high incidence of sudden death in patients with structurally normal hearts. First described in 1992 by the Brugada brothers, the disease has since had an exponential rise in the numbers of cases reported. The mean age of sudden death is 41, with the age at diagnosis ranging... Continue Reading →

Chickenpox in Pregnancy

by Rachel Mackenzie, SSN, Practice Nurse Developer What is Chickenpox? Chickenpox is a very contagious infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus. It mainly affects kids, but adults can get it, too. The telltale sign of chickenpox is a super-itchy skin rash with red blisters. Over the course of several days, the blisters pop and start... Continue Reading →

RCN Competencies

Launch of the RCN Emergency Nurse Competencies in our department These national competencies were launched in 2017 and we are now adopting them in our ED rather than having lots of different competencies (like triage and resus competencies). The only other competencies we will use are the national major trauma competencies which you will cover... Continue Reading →

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